In contrast to other unions, VC now takes a very critical position on the subject, and is voicing their concerns about health and safety implications for aircrew and passengers. VC also has as members several medical doctors who are also pilots and who are participating at EU and international level in numerous working groups dealing with the contamination of aircraft cabin air.

It could be fairly stated that VC is taking the lead in dealing with the problem of contaminated cabin air and urging for solutions. The pilots voiced their demands that current aircraft should be equipped with sensors and filters while future aircraft should be bleed air free, such as the Boeing 787 “dreamliner”.

In July 2016 VC also «rescued» the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive (GCQAE), a loose association of international flight crew member unions. The GCQAE was at risk to fall apart after severe conflicts broke out among the previous board members and around its founder and chairman, former British Airways Cpt. Tristan Loraine.



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