Wolfgang Rosenberger (source: MHH Forschen und Wissen)
Wolfgang Rosenberger (source: MHH Forschen und Wissen)

Wolfgang Rosenberger of the Medical University Hannover (Germany) is supposed to be one of the leading scientists in researching the issue. He was hired by numerous airlines to conduct measuring and analysis  of possible toxins in their aircraft cabins since 2011, for example for German LUFTHANSA, CONDOR and also on behalf of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

There is only one problem: Rosenberger lacks academic education and degrees. In September 2016 it became revealed by «Die Welt am Sonntag» that he did not even finish high-school and his professional qualifications are «chemical technical assistant». Meanwhile the University did confirm this and admits «errors» in their official »research reports» which named Rosenberger as the (academic) responsible research project leader during the last 7 years!

Find the article of Welt am Sonntag here  and also an essay (in German), written by aviation editor Tim van Beveren and published online at AustrianWings. A preceding article about Rosenberger and the lack of his qualifications that was written by German journalist Petra Sorge and published at CICERO was removed by the magazines owner and editor in chief upon «numerous readers complaints»…


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