(Professor) Dr Michael Bagshaw is a staunch industry critic of the term «aerotoxic syndrome». This stems back to the time when he was the head of the medical department of British Airways. After retiring from BA Bagshaw became a medical consultant to Airbus.

One of his hypothesis is that «aerotoxic syndrome» is caused by «hyperventilation» or by a «noceebo effect». Two arguments very much «favored» by the aviation industry and their PR departments as well as by some federal aircraft investigators (such as the German BFU).

Unfortunately for Mr. Bagshaw it has been clinically proven in the meantime that there are clear cases where these two explanations fall very, very short.

Nevertheless he is a most welcomed speaker at international conferences and expert witness in the Courts when it comes to counter the claims of effected crew members.

Dr Bagshaw declined to be interviewed on the subject by Tim van Beveren.

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